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I love the Beacon. I take it wherever I go! If I'm going on my evening walk around the neighborhood and just want to disconnect from the world and would preferer not to be contacted, or if I'm travelling throughout Australia or the World! I recommend this Beacon to EVERYONE!!

Elizabeth M
Google Review

Wished I had this compact safety device when I was younger - car keys between fingers were never going to help. Purchased Beacons for my daughters who work in health care in rural and overseas locations. Both have experienced threatening situations in recent months - including aggravated assault. Testing out ourselves was reassuring - it is LOUD and BRIGHT. And the app is ingenious - brilliant use of sharing technology. Will spread the word.Thank-you Stephenie & team.

Google Review

Love this product. It makes me feel safe while traveling. I like the fact that I am able to contact someone in case of emergency at the press of a button. Great product and will advise anyone to purchase.

Lisa G
Google Review
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