#BetheBeacon Goodwill Ambassador Arelious Cooper #HeforShe

Aurelious Cooper, Founder of Art in the Paint is a #BeTheBeacon Ambassador #HeforShe

#BetheBeacon #HeForShe Ambassador Arelious R Cooper (Art in the Paint)

We’re delighted to include Arelious R. Cooper (A.C) in the #BeTheBeacon #HeforShe campaign.

The 2021 #BeTheBeacon Launch on November 25th in tandem with the UN Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women is not just one for the ladies, just ask A.C.

Arelious lives in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and founded Art In The Paint after attending a workshop on Collaboration for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 17), led by WanderSafe CEO, Stephenie Rodriguez, at the HIVE Africa forum in Lagos, Nigeria in 2019. 

He was inspired to pursue his vision of creating a center of community without walls and bringing joy back to neighborhoods that had been left behind when he saw murals on a mountainside that left him angry but motivated.

Mr. Cooper is on a mission to bring art and beautification to neighborhoods that need it the most.

His NGO, Art in the Paint brings local artists and community sponsors together to revitalize and renovate basketball courts that once were the center of communities but have been abandoned. In doing so, he is single-handedly restoring a sense of pride and community in neighborhoods where private clubs are simply out of reach.

His art project recently had international acclaim with a collaboration with the Footlocker athletic retailers and Atlanta native, American rapper, Lil Baby.

We asked him to introduce himself in his own words:

“I’m A. R. Cooper, founder of Art in the Paint and we renovate dilapidated basketball courts around the world by painting murals on them turning them into beautiful safe spaces for kids to play. Growing playing in Southwest Atlanta we would always say the loudest and least disciplined guy is usually the weakest. Using Intimidation, raising hands, name-calling, cornering, and physical assault are cowardly acts by small men with big problems.

No one deserves to be abused; especially not our women and children. If you have an anger issue let it end with you. Take a moment, step away and get help. Violence against women is a serious public health issue and a human rights issue. I have witnessed firsthand its impact and how it can affect generations.

I am proud to be a speak out in advocacy for the #HeforShe movement and I encourage all my brothers to man up and #BetheBeacon in your community.”

On November 25th, A. R. Cooper and Art In The Paint will be the first NGO in Atlanta to sign the Inagural WanderSafe Accord and punctuate its active role in advocating for the end of violence against women, and generational equality. The #BeTheBeacon online campaign kicks off the UN 16 Days of Activism.

Beyond #BetheBeacon and the #16Days of Activism, WanderSafe will continue to work with Mr. Cooper and Art in the Paint to Collaborate for the Goals, the 17th United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end gender-based violence and to achieve Generation Equality by 2030, as mandated in The Inagural WanderSafe Accord.

The free WanderSafe smartphone application is designed for those who might feel threatened to signal for help from their trusted tribe quickly, easily, and discreetly using a voice shortcut built into the application that works with SIRI and Google Voice Assist. 

The geolocation capability of the WanderSafe application allows first responders – family members, emergency services, or employers to locate the users of the application quickly with 3-meter accuracy in partnership with What3Words.

Curious to see how you can use WanderSafe and help make your community safer?

Download the  WanderSafe application for IOS and Android and start a conversation with your employer, child, school, community group, active independent senior, or roommate about a safety plan and equip yourself with tools and strategies to help you get help faster.

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure! 

Want to get involved in our movement to end gender-based violence? Add your voice to the global cry for change and become a ‘beacon’ by sharing the #BeTheBeacon tweets, posts, and messages.

To learn more about how to use your voice to share the #BetheBeacon, #16DaysofActivism, #HeforShe movement go www.TheWanderSafeAccord.com

Follow Mr Cooper and Art in the Paint on Instagram @ArtinThePaintOrg

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