Q. If the beacon is not connected to Bluetooth, can it still help me?

A. The beacon works perfectly fine for de-escalating a situation with the light, strobe and siren.

Q. I’ve added my emergency contacts do they need to confirm anything?

A. If the emergency contacts download the app and verify their number the user will get a notification back saying their emergency contacts have signed up. The emergency contacts will always receive the SOS alert SMS. If they have the app they will also receive a push notification when an SOS is triggered.

Q. I’m having battery issues, it keeps dying, what do I do?

A. The beacon is not designed to be in the “On” mode for a prolonged period as it is sensitive in nature and can set off SOS distress calls as it was designed. The battery once charged can be in the OFF mode and responsive for 27 days as explained but if it is in use, either with light or strobe or sound for more than 1 hour will need to be recharged like any other small lithium-based battery. In order to be ‘discreet and hand held’ we had to minimize the size of the battery and make it rechargeable

Q. How should I travel with Beacon?

A. The beacon’s use case was designed to be carried on your person, with your phone on your person at the same time.

Q. The beacon does not do a bluetooth “handshake” is this normal?

A. The beacon and phone are meant to be paired with low-energy bluetooth, different than what a speaker or your car might use, and hence why your phone does not perform a ‘handshake’ requiring a code like your car might.

Q. When I trigger the SOS, how do I turn it off?

A. As it relates to the SOS function, and why we designed the app to do the heavy lifting once the SOS has been triggered from the beacon, is that the app continues to push the SOS, regardless of the beacon status until the SOS is turned off at the app level, not when you silence the beacon or turn it off.

This is so that your loved ones can continue to receive updates generated by the phone. Think of the beacon like a remote control for your phone’s SOS activities as it relates solely to the trigger of the SOS functionality. The beacon is not a GPS tracker. If it were it would be far more dearer