New WanderSafe device to launch globally in Cannes

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By ANDREW PENTOL | Monday, 24 September 2018 7:00

Travel platform JOZU for Women, which empowers women to travel safer and better will launch its new WanderSafe device at the upcoming TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

The 70g device, which pairs with a smartphone application, is the brainchild of JOZU for Women Founder, Stephenie Rodriguez.

Speaking to TRBusiness exclusively, Rodriguez says she designed the product in consultation with a retired Central Intelligence Agency security expert.

Features include a wide blinding lumen light at one end for lighting up a potential threat, a second click strobe light to distract a potential assailant and a 140-decibel personal siren to attract attention. This is activated by a twist motion of the top of the device that is patent pending.

In addition, an activate button notifies three present personal contacts through the app if pressed. Designated emergency contacts are then informed of the users location using geo-coordinates via Bluetooth.


An Internet of Things device, WanderSafe fits the pocket and will retail at $59.95. It links via Bluetooth to the app, which is now available in The App Store digital distribution platform for IOS device users.

The aim of the app is to empower users to navigate their surroundings better and safer and reduce the risk of assault, rape and human trafficking.

Comprising of interactive and location-based maps, a virtual concierge (JENI) curates safety information and personalises it for each user with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Making its first global appearance in Cannes (Digital Village DB13) and one of three product sponsors of the golf tournament on 30 September, WanderSafe has partnered with Crime Stoppers International to help address the aforementioned threats on a global scale.

It has also joined forces with Airline Ambassadors International, which helps orphans and vulnerable children worldwide through the airline industry.

Speaking exclusively to TRBusiness, Rodriguez is relishing the unveiling of what she believes is the first personal alarm solution in DF&TR.

“After traveling to 53 countries and knowing that we live in uncertain time I designed this product for the travel retail market and those who work in it.” she said. “Cannes and to the wider TFWA Community was a natural choice for our global launch.”

Currently unexclusively distributed by new age Fin-Tech company CNPay, the device is suited to all DF&TR segments, according to Rodriguez: “There are millions of travellers in the duty free industry so it is important to look at their needs.”

“Overall, there are 850m women travelling this year with 83m leaving China for the first time in 2018 and the number is increasing +11.3% year on year. More than 68% of study abroad program attendees are women and among those most vulnerable.  The WanderSafe will give parents great peace of mind for their children.”

“WanderSafe isn’t specifically designed for women, but we believe it solves a problem of wandering into unsafe areas without adequate information or equipment.”

Features include a wide blinding lumen light at one end for lighting up a potential threat, a second click strobe light to distract a potential assailant and a 140lb personal siren to attract attention.


Rodriguez, a former consultant to travel retail brands and retailers designed WanderSafe for her friends and industry colleagues working in travel retail. This segment travel frequently and often solo for business to open new stores and service accounts so their safety is extremely important to employers.

WanderSafe is also suitable for travelling employees working for brands in the duty free and travel retail industry. Rodriguez explained: “We see we can solve a problem for employers with remote workers and have a solution developed to keep employees safe with this product.

“Take the example of a duty free and travel retail brand whose employees travel on a regular basis. If an employee gets hurt, raped or assaulted travelling on behalf of the brand, then the company has a duty of care and is liable.

“Giving employees WanderSafe devices and telling them to use it with the app if they are in trouble, would certainly help brands fulfil their duty of care and better equip employees,” she concluded.

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