WanderSafe’s Beacon – the Non-Violent Personal Safety Solution for Travelers Will Premiere at TFWA on UN International Day of Non-Violence

The Beacon is a discreet, non-violent personal safety device that pairs via Bluetooth to a smartphone application and delivers location relevant safety information in real time, premieres this product and technology in the TFWA Digital Village DB13.

Cannes, France (September 23, 2018) – WanderSafe, an Internet of Things consumer electronics device and mobile application designed to empower travelers and keep them safe will launch in the Digital Village Booth DB13 in Cannes on October 2nd, and on show throughout the Tax-Free World Exhibition and Conference October 2 – 5, 2018. In the advent of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and the United Nations International Day of Non-Violence WanderSafe™ Beacon, a product owned and created by JOZU for WOMEN Inc, will introduce to duty free buyers and attendees a discreet ‘holdable’ personal safety device created for travelers, students and those most vulnerable, including travel retail employees and celebrating innovation in the consumer electronics category and a safer future of travel.

WanderSafe™ Beacon was designed by a former travel retail consultant and frequent solo business traveler, Stephenie Rodriguez, in collaboration with a retired 25-year US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Safety Expert, Thomas Pecora. The Beacon has anti-rape deterrent features built into its sleek, discreet design including high lumen quick-click flashlight, second click disorienting strobe light, and a patent pending twist top 140db personal siren for attracting attention or frightening a potential assailant. 

The WanderSafe™ Activate button that when pressed notifies present contacts including friends, loved ones, employers or law enforcement of where the user’s immediate longitude and latitude with a distress signal. The WanderSafe smartphone application now available and free to download from ITunes and Google Play, provides users with relevant location-based safety information in real time sourced from trusted data providers including Motorola, The US Department of State’s OSAC, and other verified users who contribute safety and information in real time. 

In uncertain times and the rise of more female international travelers, Founder and CEO Stephenie Rodriguez believes the WanderSafe™ and beacon are travel essentials, whether for an international trip or a local commute. “The future of travel is most definitely female with more than 850 million women travelling this year. More than 68% of all study abroad students are female and in the US, more than 11 million women over age thirty take solo international trips more than five times per annum. The  WanderSafe™  ecosystem isn’t just for women, but we believe we are empowering more women to travel further with greater peace of mind and unlike pepper spray or tasers, is completely non-violent and poses no threat to its users.”

Retired CIA Security expert and Advisor to WanderSafe, Thomas Pecora believes there are three important principles of personal safety that have been engineers into WanderSafe’s product:  Information, Environmental Awareness, and Equipment. The  WanderSafe™ ecosystem delivers on these with an integrated hybrid of hardware and software and in partnership with the world’s leading anti-trafficking organizations including Airline AmbassadorsPurchased.org, and CrimeStoppers International.  

The WanderSafe beacon retails for USD $59.95 (Travel Retail RRP) and USD $79.95 RRP in high street and online. 

The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes App store Google Play.

For more information about WanderSafe or to make an appointment for a product demonstration please contact Stephenie Rodriguez on +61416089000 or email stephenie@jozuforwomen.com

About WanderSafe

WanderSafe is a product created and developed by JOZU for WOMEN, INC. a Delaware C-corp. Founded in 2016, the company has spent two years researching and developing safety solutions for solo travelers and commuters. The company is a travel technology startup that is female founded and minority led. JOZU is a Japanese word for “Well done” or better than, and we deliver products that empower those who are most vulnerable to travel better & safer.  JOZU for WOMEN is part of the Women’s Startup Lab Batch 12 Cohort, and proudly a participant in the Microsoft Biz Spark Plus program that empowers startups to think big and scale fast.

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