WanderSafe Beacons, Employee Safety and Female Founders on Your Money Live in Australia

March 14, 2019 Sydney Australia, WandeSafe CEO Stephenie Rodriguez talked about WanderSafe Beacons, employee safety, the plight of female founders, and the beacon for personal safety on Your Money Live from the NEWS HQ in Sydney Australia. This was after the important news about the beacons use case was addressed on the Real Estate Business news website and cited as a solution for real estate and strata management employees who are at risk when working off-site and after hours.

In light of the recent study released by Mission Australia and last year’s Plan International story, a Canberra based entrepreneur developed a solution to help women feel safer, especially at night.

YM: Stephenie Rodriguez joins us now to talk about why she feels WanderSafe has come at the right time and how her startup got a leg up in the US. Thanks for being on the show!

You actually have a career in tech. What compelled you to get into this this side of things, safety and security tech?

S: Before WanderSafe I was working as a tech consultant in the travel industry and helping blue chip brands understand social media and digital transformation and many times – I myself have been to 55 countries – and most of the travel on my own. Because of my own travel and feeling vulnerable in certain countries with a lack of information about what was safe when I was abroad there were certain incidences that forced me to create a solution for travelers and commuters in unsafe areas.

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